Statement of Services

Third-Party (3PL) Services

ICON recognizes that completing utility infrastructure projects on time and within budget can be challenging when companies face challenges created by the lack of available internal resources and proper planning. ICON provides a turn-key range of services as it pertains to the planning, acquisition and management of construction staging yards, long term material/equipment storage, warehouse facilities, inventory management, material quality control and traceability.

Through our suite of 3PL service solutions, we create efficiencies and continuity across the lifecycle of the material management process. ICON can acquire and manage off-site temporary and long-term construction staging yards and warehouse facilities, relieving congestion at existing client yards and warehousing facilities. ICON can provide a turn-key outsourced solution at yards and warehousing facilities including all craft labor, temporary construction facility support services and equipment rentals. ICON can provide or assist with material procurement, improve material inventory visibility, identify and resolve any material quality control related issues thus mitigating delay related impacts and overall risk to the project, program or portfolio.

Construction Yard/Warehousing Facility Acquisition, Management and Support Services

We can:

  • Collaborate with customer key stakeholders to develop end user program requirements and plan for centralized construction staging yards and warehousing acquisition
  • Provide real-estate lease acquisition services for centralized construction staging yards and warehousing facilities
  • Provide project permitting and plan support related to work plan development and staging yard initial condition assessments
  • Set-up, secure and manage material staging yards (grading, stormwater, BMPs, dust control, fencing/gates, security)
  • Provide temporary facilities and services (field offices, power, water, communications, portable toilets/restrooms, recycling/trash, dust control etc.)
  • Close-out/demobilize staging yards and restore the site with native vegetation as required by project permits, plans or mitigation measures

Operated Equipment Rental

We can:

  • Provide operated equipment rentals supporting the specialized utility sector
  • Be flexible in delivery and competitive in pricing and fulfill the needs of any projects anywhere, anytime

Material Inventory Management and Logistics

We can:

  • Collaborate with key customer stakeholders to develop an owner furnished material management plan, identify all project material sourcing and ultimate destination, as well as identify roles and responsibilities to execute the plan
  • Determine Inventory Management (IM) system requirements and provide solution (customer IM system interface vs. ICON proprietary IM system or some combination thereof)
  • Handle all supply chain logistics (provide transportation between source location and alternative or ultimate destination)
  • Receive materials, input full report and track within IM system
  • Perform QA/QC inspection, reporting and resolutions (identify and resolve material shortages, overages, damaged or non-conforming issues)
  • Perform kitting of materials per project work order, BOM or engineered drawings
  • Issue material to owner or contractor construction crews and document transfer of custody
  • Identify spare and surplus materials, and assist with owner return (scrap, recycling, return to stock, return to vendor, etc.)
  • Provide full project close-out reporting

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