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Statement of Qualifications

Third-Party (3PL) Services

Icon recognizes that completing incremental or major infrastructure projects on time and within budget can be challenging when companies face bottlenecks created by the lack of available internal resources as it pertains to acquisition and management of temporary construction staging yards and warehousing facilities or lack visibility into their inventory and related material quality control issues.

Through our suite of 3PL service solutions, we can help relieve congestion in existing company yards and warehousing facilities or provide a turn-key outsourced solution, provide all temporary construction facility support services and equipment rentals, provide or assist with material procurement, improve material inventory visibility, identify and resolve any material quality control related issues thus mitigating delay related impacts and overall risk to project, program or portfolio.

Construction Yard/Warehousing Facility Acquisition, Management and Support Services

We can:

  • Collaborate with customer key stakeholders to develop end user program requirements and plan for centralized construction staging yards and warehousing acquisition
  • Provide real estate lease acquisition services for centralized construction staging yards and warehousing facilities
  • Provide project permitting and plan support related to work plan development and staging yard initial condition assessments
  • Set-up and manage material staging yards (grading, stormwater BMPs, dust control, fencing/gates)
  • Provide temporary facilities and services (field offices, temp power, communications, porta-potties, recycling/trash, dust control etc.)
  • Provide on-site management and supervision
  • Manage union labor workforce
  • Close-out/demobilize staging yards and restore the site with native vegetation as required by project permits, plans or mitigation measures

Equipment Rental

We can:

  • Icon offers assistance with a equipment rentals supporting the specialized utility sector.
  • Icon is small enough to be flexible in delivery and competitive in pricing, yet large enough to fulfill the needs of any projects anywhere, anytime

Material Inventory Management & Logistics

We can:

  • Collaborate with customer key stakeholders to develop owner furnished material management plan identifying all project material sourcing and ultimate destination as well as roles and responsibilities to execute the plan
  • Determine inventory management (IM) system requirements and provide solution (customer IM system interface vs. Icon proprietary IM system or some combination thereof)
  • Handle all supply chain logistics (provide transportation between source location and alternative or ultimate destination)
  • Receive materials, input full report and track within IM system
  • Perform QA/QC inspection, reporting and resolutions (identify and resolve material short, damaged, misfab)
  • Perform kitting of materials per project work order, BOM or engineered drawings
  • Issue material to owner or contractor construction crews and document transfer of custody
  • Identify spare and surplus materials, and assist with owner return (scrap, recycling, return to stock, return to vendor, etc.)
  • Provide full project close-out reporting

Construction Services

Commitment to Safety, Security, Quality and Environmentally Compliant Practices

Icon recognizes projects of any scale cannot be successfully implemented without priority attention to Safety, Security, Quality and Environmental Compliance best management practices. Our commitment to these best management practices on each jobsite is our top priority and key to getting the project completed on time and within budget.

We understand that a project can be shut down due to safety, security, quality and environmental incidents or a lack of compliance with project plans, specifications, permits or mitigation measures required by the project owner or regulating agencies. Arranging proper training, tailboard meetings, inspections and reviews of all sites contributes to safety, security, quality and environmental compliance will ensure that the work can keep moving forward. These priority focus areas have not only become part of Icon’s culture, but we have also incorporated a portion of these specialized services into our suite of valued offerings to our clients. Icon has enlisted an internal team of experienced and qualified safety, security and QA/QC specialists to support construction operations.

Field Safety Management Services

Health and Safety Planning, Site Inspection and Reporting

We can:

  • Collaborate with client management, staff and stakeholders to identify project health and safety requirements and provide a customized health and safety work plan
  • Provide certified health and safety professionals as integral part of project team
  • Provide on-site safety inspection and reporting in concert with industry and utility specific requirements
  • Provide training services and programs to stakeholders

Corporate Security Services

Security Consulting, Physical Deterrance and Surveillance

We can:

  • Collaborate with client management, staff and stakeholders to identify requirements and provide a customized security plan, technology solutions and post orders for the security team.
  • Provide special project coverage through professional security specialists with extensive law enforcement experience.
  • 24-Hour Certified Guard Services
  • Monitored and Recorded CCTV Surveillance Solutions (Drone Capabilities)
  • Alarmed Motion Detection Technologies
  • Card Reader Access Control Management

Construction QA/QC Services

Construction Planning, Site Inspection and Reporting

We can:

  • Provide experienced construction planners, contract administrators and inspectors professionals as integral part of project team
  • Provide construction package and specifications/standards review, constructability, conflict analysis
  • Provide field contract administration ensuring construction contractor is in compliance with total contract requirements
  • Provide on-site field inspection and daily reporting in concert with industry and utility specific requirements.

Electrical and Low Voltage Installation Services

Competent, Experienced and Trained for the Regulated Utility Sector

Our team is experienced, knowledgeable and trained to successfully execute projects within the regulated utilities sector. Our team has successfully built electrical and low voltage systems supporting conventional building construction (offices/warehouse) as well as ancillary facilities supporting bulk power transmission and distribution infrastructure (substation control houses, station light and power, regen stations, security systems, etc.).

Electrical and Low Voltage Installations Defined

Building Electrical Distribution and Low Voltage

We can:

  • Building and ancillary facility electrical distribution installations (UG/OH) for new or modified systems as well as service and repairs.
  • In front of and behind the behind the meter power generation, battery storage system solutions (renewable and conventional) and electric vehicle charging stations
  • Temporary power and network solutions for remote construction or support sites including design, permitting, installation and maintenance
  • Low voltage solutions including voice/data, security, control wiring, copper and fiber splicing

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